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Posted May 08, 2018

Mirage Hotel and the Volcano Show Tour

Opened in 1989, the Mirage was the largest hotel in the world at the time, with just a bit over 3000 rooms. With the price tag of $630 million, it was also the most expensive hotel and casino to ever be built. While other Las Vegas hotels and resorts have surpassed the Mirage in both these categories, none of its successors can outshine its contribution to the birth of modern Las Vegas

Namely, the Mirage was conceived at a time when Las Vegas began to lose its appeal, with tourists flocking to Atlantic City to gamble. This decline that began during the 1970s took its toll on the city, which desperately needed exciting new projects to reestablish itself as the go-to destination it once was. As it turned out, the Mirage was just what Vegas needed to regain its old glory and become more popular than ever. This is why the Mirage is affectionately called the father of today’s Las Vegas.

Nowadays, it is among the most visited sites in Vegas, with numerous shows and attractions that keep tourists begging for more. The Polynesian-themed hotel’s most significant and awe-inspiring show is definitely the greatly admired Volcano Show, which runs nightly.

The impressive Volcano Show combines fire with music and choreography in a performance that leaves spectators breathless. Opened at the same time as the hotel, the volcano has been redesigned in recent years, now featuring two volcano systems, a lagoon, waterfalls and adjacent pools, fire and smoke effects, and even fire shooters that shoot flame as high as 12 feet into the air.

The sound coming from the volcano is actually a recording of actual, real-life eruptions, which takes the whole experience to a new level. The music, on the other hand, was composed by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Indian composer Zakir Hussain, who extensively studied volcanoes and included instruments from around the globe in the final score.

The Mirage, along with its volcano, a true man-made wonder, is a must-see in Vegas. For the ultimate Vegas experience, join us on a limo tour around the city, which includes a stop at the fabulous hotel and its otherworldly Volcano Show. Our chauffeurs and professional photographers will make sure you enjoy the full VIP treatment as you delight in all the most superb attractions in Vegas.